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   Software UI - EasyTV Channel

   EasyTV Channel

EasyTV Channel contains 9 different categories:
1) TV includes different countries TV program, series, drama and etc
2) Movie includes different countries movies
3) Game includes many different types of games
4) Sports includes sport news and channel
5) News includes real-time news, daily news, weather, sport, stock
6) Music includes different countries Music Video and etc
7) Kids includes different education content and multimedia for kids
8) Other Channels includes different area contents and apps
9) Multimedia is the Media Player to play video, audio and photo file


   EasyTV Setup Control Panel

User friendly Android base setup page provides easy way for user to customize the setting for their EasyTV box.

The WiFi setting has been taken out in the first selection icon so that user can enable the WiFi or Hotspot function easily.

The Setting page provides step-by-step procedure to customize your own setting. On the other hand, the EasyTV Channel UI support both English and Chinese language. With the multiple input method, user can type English and Chinese input.

TV Store is the third party apps market provides unlimited software apps and content for your to explore

Browser enable the Internet on TV so that you can visit webpage on your big TV screen.

My favourite setting page provides you an Artificial Intelligent (AI) feature to base on your user experience to auto launch the most frequent visit apps!

   Internet on TV

EasyTV Box supports FLASH PLAYER10.2 and up to 11.1 that enable online video playback feature to enrich the Internet browsing on TV experience for user.

Web Browsing: Unlimited webpage are available for user

Internet Game: Through

Communication: Email and Instant message available

Social network: Supports Facebook, Blog, and other social network


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