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   What is EasyTV Box?

EasyTV Box is named "Easy" because it is a plug and play TV set top box to enable your TV to be connected to Internet to get unlimited Internet contents just by connecting power cable, HDMI/AV cable, and Ethernet cable/WiFi.

There are hundreds of TV Boxes in the market, None of them is user friendly enough to let consumer to just plug and play (Setting free). EasyTV Box named "Easy" means it is really Easy to start, Easy to use and Easy to enjoy!

By using Cortex A9 processor and Android 2.3 OS with customized hardware, firmware and software, EasyTV box provides very smooth and stable performance.

Tidy and fine stylish design makes the EasyTV fully match to nowadays city living style and living room.

With patented technology, EasyTV includes many user friendly features to make your user experience more enjoyable! 

   Easy to use and Plug & Play

By only connecting power cable, HDMI/AV cable, and Ethernet cable/WiFi, the EasyTV box will automatically switch on.  User can enjoy the preloaded apps and content on TV. Not require any setting process!

The motion sensing air mouse allows users to point and click to select whatever they want. You cannot believe from your child to your old parents can easily use it.

With user friendly and multi-functional air mouse, setting free software UI, official apps preloaded in the box, you can select the content /apps that you want only by two clicks.

You can also download our Remote apps from Google Play or App Store for your Android or iOS device to enable your smart device to be your EasyTV remote!



   Fashionable Design and Trendy Outlook

Purple color represents noble in western countries in the past. Silver color means cyber and high-tech in nowadays. By merging two different selected colors; from past to now, from classic to modern, and from hardware to software; EasyTV combines classic noble style look and feel with nowadays high-tech image which is best fit to modern house and living room.

The EasyTV Box is tidy and regular shape so it perfectly matches to our city living style and furniture style. 

With the ergonomic design Air Mouse, top side of the Air Mouse is the simple mouse function with basic but frequent use buttons that enable user to use it without even 1 second to learn. Back side of the Air Mouse is the simple keyboard which enable user to type text for login or browser. Thus, this multi-functional Air Mouse provide all-in-one functions to user but maintain most easy to use feature.


   Sophisticated and Patented Technology

EasyTV Box adopt different sophisticated technologies with patent protection. It is designed and invented by different groups of experts including hundreds of engineers and market leaders in consumer electronics and IT industry.

So EasyTV products are optimized to fit in nowadays competitive market and aims to be the one of the most user friendly product in the market.

Our technology focus includes different areas:

- Motion sensing control
- Video multicast and playback
- Multi-function media player 
- IT, software and server
- DVB-T TV stick
- Mobile Device Remote Menu App
- Auto Launcher by user experience
- Smart Buffering and Video Playback
- Auto location detection for mobile device
- Interactive audio mobile application


   Enable Multimedia, Internet, Apps and Games in TV

EasyTV Box is a multi-function product including different features below:

EasyTV Channel: 8 different categories content includes TV, Movie, Game, Sport, News, Music, Education, Others with many different official preloaded apps.

Internet on TV: Internet Browser enable the Internet on TV so user can visit different website and online contents.

TV Store: Third party powerful TV Store provide unlimited continuous content supply.

Media Player: Many Video, Audio and Images files can be played by our own media player. User can play their own video, audio and images on TV.

Game console: EasyTV Box and the Air Mouse provide high quality game platform and interface for user to experience game on TV.


   WiFi Access Point Feature

EasyTV Box is not just upgrade your TV. It can be a add-on WiFi Access Point to enable the wireless connectivity to all your mobile devices.

Only required the Ethernet connection to EasyTV Box, then user can enable the WiFi to become the Hotspot function for WiFi Access Point.

User can also set the password for the WiFi network to protect your own home WiFi network with security.

Then all your own mobile devices such as Smart Phone, Tablet, Notebook computer and etc can allow to join the WiFi network to enable the Internet function.


   Entertainment, Education, News and Social Network

The objective of inventing EasyTV Box is to upgrade a normal TV to enrich the TV with multiple add-on features. EasyTV Box can provide:

Entertainment: TV, Movie, Game, Multimedia entertainment are all included in EasyTV box to show in TV

Education Content: Through the EasyTV box, a lot of Education Content from Internet and Apps can be accessed and display in TV

News: Real-time and updated news including news, sport, stock market and etc can also be watched by EasyTV

Social Network: Different social network apps and email can help user to connect to their friends and family network.


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